about sumyog

‘Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches’ An Indian wedding is a stunning, mega theatrical production that has no dress rehearsal! Most Indian weddings are glorious affairs that run from 2 to 7 events. With a variety of venue options, both local and destination, it is now possible to structure every event to be vastly different from the other. Our weddings are a unique amalgam of traditional and the modern, embracing the fine nuances of both.

From recreating the palaces of Rajasthan or the Meenakshi temple, to creating a theme around the simple Lotus flower or paisley, or a Channel or Preston Bailey inspired setting, every event is unique, regardless of scale. At Sumyog we believe that individuality and treating every event as ‘one of a kind’ is what sets us apart.

We are the only end to end wedding planning solutions company in south India that owns all of what we create (except lights, trusses, sound systems and stages). With a decade of experience behind us, we have about 50% of our clientele from overseas and our constantly growing and innovating in design and execution capabilities so we are able to meet the ever expanding requirements of our clients.

Kalil Gibran said ‘There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward’: this what wedding are all about and it is why we created Sumyog. Come together with us and let’s plan your wedding…